Discover Booking A Hostel

Hostels have developed in the last 10 years to be a serious contender when anyone in the family has to decide what form of accommodation they would like to go for when they travel abroad.


Of course, price is a major factor when it comes to choosing as more and more people are getting clever when they choose accommodation on-line.

Hostel owners have started to realise that if they invest in their properties from the out-set then it will pay back three-fold in the long run. Gone are the times when owners could get by by accommodating people and not caring about their experiences because they did not have a voice to tell others. Sites like Tripadvisor, and Hostelworld have made sure that if you snooze you lose when it comes to owning a hostel.

Hostelworld has a system that sends you an automatic email after you have checked out of the property. You follow the link which takes you to where you can leave a review which can make or break a hostel.

Tripadvisor is a little different in that you have to log in to leave a review and literally anyone can leave one.

My hostel owning friend has even had reviews left by people who only called to get a quote from him for staying there. Because he disagreed with the quote he went on Tripadvisor to leave a review. Needless to say it was a very bad one.

The site does have a feature that allows owners to  put their case forward for getting a review removed but this time they did not allow it as they said it was an experience that a customer had while dealing with the company. Take from that what you will.

Luckily there are more booking and review websites coming on the scene now that may just shake things up a little. is offering lower rates for hostel owners to get their hostel seen and heard. We wish them all the luck in the world.

The Luxury Of A Cardiff B&B

Make the most of your bed and breakfast hotel stay

Who doesn’t like the overall treatment of having food waiting for you outside your door at a super low price? Being fed when you have a bed is the definition of hotel hospitality which is what we as a website hope to provide you with when you book your next stay at one of these hotel listings. Cardiff bed and breakfast establishments offer a general look at what you would expect a luxurious king in a palace would receive, a hot meal for them every morning just waiting to be eaten. Now you can wake up and do your morning routine with one of our delicious options for you next time you stay at a hotel.

If you’re on the go and need somewhere to lay low for the evening, you can find a local place to stay right here on this webpage. We understand that living in the fast lane, travelling around from town to town can leave you wondering where your next bed is going to be. Don’t hassle with planning and structuring a master schedule to fill in all of your stops, just decide when you want to sleep and check for a nearby bed. When you book with us, you book smart. We always give you places on our site that strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to staying overnight.

Who needs your car when you have a shower and TV? The alternative to staying in one of our budget hotels is the ability to have the common remedies of your home when you’re out on the prowl. We include a fully stocked bathroom, freezer, and television/Wi-Fi access to suit your needs for when dreaming is not on your agenda. You will find that we also offer options for your edible concerns to greet you in the morning with a hot and ready feast of mid morning delights.

Our bed and breakfast in Hotel One Hundred listings offer a variety of choices when it comes to satisfying your need to have a jump start to the long day ahead. You will find that we wish to provide you with the energy necessary to keep the day going strong with the option to fill the tank with the best fuel in the house! Whatever the occasion, we offer you selections from our breakfast menu such as bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes and other options depending on the region. When you engulf your meal with swiftness you will be thankful that you didn’t choose a less healthy option of eating out and missing the better quality that our hotel listings offer to you.


Is is really THAT important that I have breakfast in the morning? Chances are, if you’re on the go and in need of a fast solution to lay low for a couple hours, you’re probably on your way to an important meeting or festival where it is essential to have energy throughout the entire day. You wouldn’t want to fall asleep in your meeting the following day, or dose of in the middle of a family reunion! Whatever your occasion, we recommend that you ensure your levels of calories are sustainable to the level of activity that is going to occur at a later hour.


Haven’t decided whether or not you want to book a stay at the best discount hotels in your area? That’s ok, because were not done giving you all you could benefit from! Speaking of benefits, we also offer many chain brand hotels on our webpage that you can start earning bonus points from today! These benefits may include an opportunity to stay a free night, which can save you tons when your strategically use your stays for a cash in later! Another common incentive that our hotels may offer are ways you can save on travel fees such as future airline tickets for when you make the final leap back home. To find out more about hotel rewards, check our rankings for the ideal hotel for your next stay on the road to becoming a traveller who needs to consume their meals form the best of the best places around.

To find out how to contact one of your local hotels, you can check our site for contact information on any of the listings you find suitable for your over night stay. In no time you can be sitting down at the table eating your included meal when you stay at one of our hotels. Start earning benefits to day and sit back relax and enjoy free food!

Find Popular Hotels In North America

In North America, most hotels provide excellent services to their customers in the different countries and cities. Here are the 5 best hotels in North America, considering all the countries and cities.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Seattle
Found in Seattle, a city in the United States. It provides quality services to their customers, making them feel like VIPs, with its outdoor pool and a view of the city and Elliot Bay. It is not far from the Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium and Seattle Art Museum, making it easy to locate.

2. The Langham Hotel
Located in Chicago, in the United States. It is positioned centrally in the heart of the city, and along the beautiful Chicago River. It is characterized by unique amenities like the spa, indoor swimming pool and the delicious foods that are offered here. The staff is highly trained, paying attention to every detail and always at the service of the customers to ensure they have a great time at the hotel. The accommodation offered at the Langham Hotel is high class and upscale.

hotel room and board

3. The Grand Del Mar
The Grand Del Mar hotel is in San Diego, in the United States. It offers unique accommodation services as the visitors have the privilege to choose between rooms, villas or suites. It has a beautiful five-star spa, a golf course and high-class restaurants. The visitors also enjoy waterfall hikes and fitness and also other beach activities.

4. Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
Located in Chicago, in the United States. It offers impressive service to its customers, with the rooms having a spectacular view of the city and Lake Michigan.It also has an indoor swimming pool. The staff and attendants at the hotel are friendly and warm to the customers.

5. The Jefferson Hotel
It is in the heart of the Washington DC, in the United States. It has special amenities, e.g., Free Wi-Fi access, an on-site spa and a cozy lounge. It has excellent decor features and high-class dining venues. It is located just North of the White House, making it convenient for the visitors to the capital. The hotel staff and attendants ensure that the visitors have a memorable time during their stay at the hotel.

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